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Hi, my name is Tanc Newbury* and I’m a professional photographer based in London.

Though I'm primarily a fashion and portrait photographer, I have a huge love for weddings, and I usually have time to fit in around 10 weddings per year.

Since I do not have time for many pre-wedding meetings, nor for sourcing the very best, bound wedding photo-books or albums, nor for supervising the printing and framing of photos to the point where they match the quality of the images I take, what I can offer is the very highest quality photos but delivered without all the usual frills, and as such at a considerable discount for you.

A lot of couples care about the photos first and prefer to source their own photo albums, or may simply wish to publish the photos on social media for now or merely print a few large copies of their most cherished shots.

The photos I deliver will be of a high enough resolution to comfortably be printed up to A1 size should you wish: something you can choose to do in your own time, and having taken chance to consider exactly where your printed and framed picture is going to be hung.

Weddings as you know are expensive affairs and if costs (such as printing and binding) can be deferred to a later date at your own pace, then more funds can be directed now towards making that special day of yours all the more unforgettable.

I travel and will travel anywhere in the U.K. and world-wide, from intimate settings to destination weddings.

Photography is my heart and soul. I have a fun, happy and very relaxed approach to shooting love stories. I like to deliver a visual narrative, a candid documentary through beautiful imagery.  During our meeting (or if necessary by email) we can discuss how and when you would like the more posed shots to take place and you can tell me whether or not they are any other special moments or surprises you think I should be prepared for.

All images will be sent to you both in High Resolution for Printing, and in a smaller size that is ideal for Social Media.

Prices start at £400 for a 4 Hour Silver Wedding Package


and go up to £800 for the unlimited Full Day Platinum Wedding Package


The 4 hour Silver session includes:

- 4 hours of photography at any location

- 100+ images

- Every Image Professionally Edited

- Up to 10 Intensively Retouched Images

- All images delivered on a USB

- Private online gallery for 3 months


The Full Platinum Package includes:

• No limitation on time

• 300+ images

• Up to 20 Intensively Retouched Images

• Every Image Professionally Edited

• Private online gallery for 1 year

• All images delivered on a USB


For more info, including what is included for 6 Hour Gold or 8 Hour Diamond Packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch x


Feel free to contact me by whatsapp, text or email :)




Let's speak !


*(In case you’re wondering, Tanc is short for my full name ‘Tancred’: it’s an ancient Norman name which you may have seen in its other spelling: Tanqueray).